welcome to the mudintheblood.co.uk workshop
the basic principle of the bike is so simple anyone could understand. Even the mountain bike, which has seen bicycle technology move forward at an incredible pace, doesn't take Mechanic of The Year to get to grips with.
That said, at first glance- and probably fifteenth glance- the tangle of cable, cogs and cantilevers can seem baffling. Even when you've been riding ages, there are often top tips and shortcuts that can turn a nightmare into a nice job.
Over the coming months we'll be filling up the mitb workshop manual with no-nonsense, jargon free guides, to make your maintenance run a little more smoothly.


As you can see, the manual is a little...light at the moment. We're working on more and they'll be up before you know it, but you can help! Share your expertise next time you work on your bike by telling us about it. You'll get full credit and the gratitude of us all!

>fitting v-brake pads
such a simple job...that can turn into a hair-pulling horror. get it right first time with our guide