The MiTB Mud-o-Meter
Welcome to the high-tech Ground Analysis Conditions Centre, or G.A.C.C., here at MiTB HQ in Berkshire, previous home of the Met Office. Some cynics have suggested that the Mud-o-meter is in fact just a bucket of mud in someone's back garden, but they couldn't be more wrong. It's in the front garden.
Crude though it may be, the Mud-o-Meter gives a remarkably accurate indication of local riding conditions, and you can make uour own. Click here for detailed instructions on how.

April 2007, MiTB HQ, Berkshire

Mud Factor
Dry and crumbly on top, but squelchier as you get deeper

Mud-o-meter Reading
keep in the open and it'll be like San Francisco. In shade could still be a bit boggy.

Summer is coming, it only gets harder and faster from here!


In the laughably unlikely event of you needing extra reassurance than that provided by the Mud-o-Meter, you can always rely on the old fashioned weather forecasting methods such as computers and satellites.How quaint! The best by far is that provided on The Met Office's website, which you can access by clicking on the logo above.