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Got. Got. Got. NEED!
Sometimes, some things are just too elusive. You can help! I'm currently looking for the following:

A decent picture of an early Muddy Fox courier (any colour as long as it's dayglo)
Good Pic of an early nineties Marin, with Black matt 'paint'job (see How We Used to Ride)
Mud-o-meter's in the North, Wales, right down south and everywhere else!
Your Blue Blood heroes
Your profiles
Workshop suggestions and/or written guides.

If you can help, you'll earn my eternal gratitude and full credit!

copyright stuff
all content, design and images are copyright of mudinthebloood, unless otherwise stated. where photo's have been impossible to create myself (mostly due to the fact I was about 3 when they were taken) I have tried to credit the photographers and sources- if this is you, and you find an uncredited photo or object to it's presence, just let me know. MiTB is run solely for the love of mountain biking, hopefully informing and entertaining a few people along the way. We don't carry any adverts, even from the web host, and I don't want to rip off anyones hard work!