It may seem an odd choice, but Howies have run mountain bike teams and made fantastic bike clothing for a few years now. The thing that sets them apart, though, is the ethos and example they set for all of us.
Though they make no secret of the neccessity to make a profit to survive, Howies is a belief in the importance of the environment first, and a business second.
When you've done a bit of riding, you really start to appreciate the world around you. Which in turn makes you appreciate how much people are doing to destroy it. Without conforming to the counter-productive hippy stereotype Howies show us ways to slow down this destruction and maintain beautiful places to ride, without getting self righteous. They make clothes with a longer life expectancy, plant trees to offset the amount of carbon they produce, and use organic cotton, free from the pesticides that harm us as well as pests. We salute Howies because they give a toss, and make us want to do the same.